Treatment of Coats disease with indirect LASER photocoagulation and cryotherapy – our experience


S.G. Carrasquinho, S. Pinto, B. Feijóo, M. Bernardo, S. Teixeira, J. Cabral

     Purpose: To evaluate the results and effectiveness of indirect laser photo­oagu­ation and cryotherapy in the treatment of Coats disease (defined as idiopathic retinal telangiectasia with intraretinal or subretinal exudation and exudative retinal detachment, without appreciable signs of retinal or vitreal traction).
     Methods: We review our experience with the clinical features, diagnostic approaches and therapeutic management of 4 patients (4 eyes) with Coats disease.
     Results: All patients showed functional and anatomic improvement, with regression of exudation and retinal  detachment in various degrees. The follow-up time ranged from 6 years to 8 months.
     Conclusion: Indirect laser photocoagulation and cryotherapy are effective in patients with early stages of Coats disease. An early diagnosis, a meticulous differential diagnosis and a proper treatment time are essential to prevent the progressive decrease of visual function.


no 6th Euroretina Congress, em Lisboa, Maio de 2006