Tumors of the lacrimal gland and lymphoproliferative disease


Mara Ferreira, João Cabral


The major causes of lacrimal gland enlargement are neoplastic, inflammatory, and structural. Together, they constitute 4% to 10% of all orbital masses. This chapter covers primary benign and malignant tumors derived from the epithelial structures of the lacrimal gland and lymphoproliferative disease. They are characterized by a noninflammatory mass effect with proptosis and inferior and nasal displacement of the globe. Benign epithelial tumors and lymphomas generally are painless, whereas malignant epithelial tumors and inflammations are more likely to cause pain. On imaging studies, benign lesions show normal adjacent bone and malignancies may show infiltration of soft tissue and bone destruction.

Capítulo do livro Orbital Disease and Surgery, a multidisciplinary approach - Academia CUF, Abril de 2019.