Iris tumor with subluxated cataract: Making options before and during surgery


Prieto I., Cabral J., Kaku P., Esperancinha F. E.

     Purpose: Video shows a case of a volumous nonpigmented round iris tumor  inducing a lens subluxation and cataract in a 26 year old male.
     Methods: The therapeutic plan was, in a first approach, to surgically remove the tumor and, on a later procedure, to remove the cataract. However, intra-operativelly and upon the tumor removal, we were faced with a possible anterior capsule break, and decided to proceed to cataract removal.
     In this particular case of tumor-induced cataract, between others, we applied, in the same procedure, a) iris retractors; b) capsular staining technique; c) modified capsulorhexis; d) intracapsular tension ring; e) foldable IOL; and f) iridoplasty.
     Results: In this rare case of tumor-induced cataract, we overcame most of the difficulties described in the anterior segment surgery in one single procedure. So, in these situations, we must take decisions that, although they may be not the best, are the possible ones.


► no Video Symposium on Challenging Cases do XIXth Congress of the European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons (ESCRS), em Amsterdão, Setembro de 2001, onde foi vencedor do 1º lugar na competição de video (Special cases)
► na Reunião da Cirurgia Implanto-Refractiva de Portugal – CIRP 2001, em Viana do Castelo, Outubro de 2001
► no XLIV Congresso Português de Oftalmologia, no Porto, Novembro-Dezembro de 2001